The following census records need to be transcribed and put online.  If you can volunteer, please let me know.  I am not going to have the time to look these up and put them on the webpage because of my committment to school.


1810 KY Census Index:
Last Name      First Name      County             Page
Hacket           Martha             Montgomery    369
Hacket           Peter                Wayne              358
Hacket           William             Fayette            045
Hackett          Bazel                Madison          212
Hackett          Jacob               Madison          212
Hackett          James              Shelby             209
Hackett          James              Wood              393
Hackett          Peter               Madison          212
Hackett          Sarah               Henry              356

1820 KY Census Index:
Last Name      First Name      Township           County             Page
Hacket            Thomas           None                 Garr                 088
Hackett           George            None                 Floyd               040
Hackett           James              Shelby               Shelby             175
Hackett           Thomas           None                 Wood              110

1830 KY Census Index:
Last Name      First Name      Township           County             Page
Hacket           Jacob               None                 Madison           102
Hacket           James              Mortson            Wood               323
Hacket           Jane                 None                 Madison           092
Hackett          James              None                 Shelby              279
Hackett          James Jr          None                 Shelby              262
Hackett          Lloyd               None                 Shelby              262
Hackett          William            None                Madison            094

1840 KY Census Index:
Last Name      First Name      Township           County           Page
Hacket            Sarah               None                 Floyd               272
Hacket            Warren            None                 Scott                070
Hackett           A. Mrs.           Louisville          Jefferson         123
Hackett           Allen               None                 Jessamine        230
Hackett           James             Louisville          Jefferson          291
Hackett           Jacob              Eastern              Madison          272

1850 KY Census Index:
Last Name      First Name      Township           County           Page
Hacket           Allen                Division            Jessamine       017
Hackett          Aaron              District              Boone             119
Hackett          Cornelius        District              Franklin          074
Hackett          Floyd               District              Franlink          093
Hackett          Hamilton         Millersb            Bourbon          244
Hackett          James              Louisville         Jefferson         235
Hackett          James L.         District              Cart                 245
Hackett          Jesse C.          District              Franklin          081
Hackett          Robert             Louisville          Jefferson        158

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