Here are some Hackett land Sales in Illinois.  You can find more of them (and for other surnames), along with information on ordering the records at  Illinois State Archives online database of land sales

Purchaser:      HACKETT JOHN N            Record ID:       129297                   Date:              08/09/1853
Acres:               40                                      Price:                $2.50                      Type of sale:  Federal sale (FD)
County:             Douglass                            Section:             3                            Section Part:   W2LOT1NE
Township:         15N                                   Range:               09E                        Meridian:        3
Purchaser Res:  15                                     Arch. Vol. No:   296                         Vol. Pg No.:   259

Purchaser:      HACKETT JOHN M          Record ID:         458364                  Date:             08/25/1862
Acres:               80.67                               Price:                 $14.00                   Type of sale:   Railroad     (RR)
County:             Douglass                           Section:             30                           Section Part:   N2SW
Township:        16N                                   Range:               09E                        Meridian:         3
Purchaser Res:                                           Arch. Vol. No:  791                         Vol. Page No.:102

Purchaser:      HACKETT JOHN M         Record ID:         458363                   Date:              08/25/1862
Acres:               80.66                               Price:                 $14.00                    Type of sale:   Railroad     (RR)
County:             Douglass                          Section:             30                            Section Part:   S2NW
Township:         16N                                 Range:               09E                         Meridian:         3
Purchaser Res:                                          Arch. Vol. No:  791                          Vol. Page No.:102

Purchaser:      HACKETT JOHN M        Record ID:         347610                   Date:               01/26/1853
Acres:              160                                  Price:                 0.0                          Type of sale:   Federal sale (FD)
County:            Douglass                          Section:             25                           Section Part:    NE
Township:        16N                                 Range:               08E                         Meridian:         3
Purchaser Res:                                         Arch. Vol. No:  154                          Vol. Page No.:148

Purchaser:      HACKETT JOHN M       Record ID:         244198                    Date:              11/19/1853
Acres:                80                                 Price:                 $2.50                       Type of sale:   Federal sale (FD)

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