Hackett Soldiers During the Civil War (arranged by Company):

Illinois Troops

NAME                           COMPANY & UNIT         RESIDENCE
HACKETT, Dwight             A  45 INF                  PLEASANT VALLEY
HACKETT, John                 A  10 INF                  JACKSONVILLE
HACKETT, Ambrose          B  60 INF                  ANNA
HACKETT, Benjamin         B  17 INF                  PEKIN
HACKETT, Charles R        B  21 INF                  OAKLAND
HACKETT, Legrand           B  154 INF                TUSCOLA
HACKETT, Claytonn S        C 103 INF                BUCKHART
HACKETT, George M        C  103 INF                BUCKHART
HACKETT, James               C  64 INF
HACKETT, John A              C  1 ART                   OTTAWA
HACKETT, Benjamin F        D 102 INF                HENDERSON
HACKETT, John F              D  62 INF                   WHITE CO
HACKETT, John N             D  62 INF                   PALESTINE
HACKETT, Phillip               D  21 INF                   WYOMING
HACKETT, William             D  140 INF                 PALMYRA
HACKETT, Andrew             E  147 INF                  FAIR HAVEN
HACKETT, George             E  19 INF                    CHICAGO
HACKETT, Meredith M      E  65 INFCON
HACKETT, Thomas            E  23 INF                    CHICAGO
HACKETT, James               F  64 INF                    YELLOWHEAD
HACKETT, Thomas            F  44 INF                     MT AUBURN
HACKETT, Edward            G  65 INF CON           DIXON
HACKETT, Michael           G  37 INF                     CHICAGO
HACKETT, Thomas B        G  52 INF                     BARRINGTON
HACKETT, John                 H  29 USC INF
HACKETT, Robert             H  29 USC INF
HACKETT, Edward            I  92 INF                       FULTON
HACKETT, Patrick             I  57 INF                       HENRY
HACKETT, John                 K  12 INF                     CHICAGO
HACKETT, Phillip               K  75 INF                     WYOMING
HACKETT, Rice P              K  123 INF                   CHARLESTON
HACKETT, Patrick             58 INF CON                 LA SALLE

North Carolina Troops:

Name:                       Company          Rank Age:    Enlist Date:      Enlist At:          Notes:
Hackett, Christopher  Co. B 45th Inf    Pvt   22      Mar 07, 1862  Guilford Co       Farmer
Hackett, James          Co. B 27th Inf    Pvt    40     Aug 16, 1864   Camp Holmes
Hackett, Patrick         Co. D 6th Inf      Pvt    33    May 28, 1861  Mecklenburg Co
Hackett, James W.     Co. S 1st Inf      Cpt    --      May 16, 1861  Reside Wilkes Co
Hackett, Leven          Co. D 2nd Calv  Pvt     --     May 20, 1864   Wake Co
Hackett, James S.      Co. B 1st Inf      Pvt     23    May 31, 1861  Wake Co/Reside Wilkes Co
Hackett, Leaven W    Co. E 2nd Inf     Pvt     18    July 21, 1861   Guilford Co        Farmer
Hackett, James H.      Co. A 21st Inf   Pvt     --      May 08, 1861  Davidson Co

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